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Discipline Notes

Remember Billy and the discipline notice he got on Tuesday?  Well, Billy is supposed to get the notice signed by his parents and return it the next day.  But he didn’t.  Today he brings it in, but it’s signed. . . in pencil . . . with no capital letters.  Hmmmm, do I look stupid?  I think his mom’s name is even spelled wrong.  Billy, Billy, Billy.  Now I have to call mom, and not only tell her that Billy received a discipline not 2 days ago, but that he tried to forge his mother’s signature and turn it in.  Mom is not going to be happy.

I give Billy the choice; I can call mom right now in class and tell her, or he can.  I figure he would much rather have me tell mom, but he does the bigger thing and decides that he will tell her.  That takes guts!  It turns out mom wasn’t happy, and seemed very supportive when I got on the phone with her after her and Billy talked.  She assured me Billy would be punished at home for what he did.  It’s nice to know some students get real consequences at home for bad choices they make at school.  For a lot of students, missing a recess for bad behavior is something they have learned to live with and accept it as the price to pay.

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Report Cards – Part 2

I got a good chunk of my report cards done, and only stayed till about 4:30.

Teachers ask me if I’m finished with report cards, or actually how many more I have to do before I’m finished.  I can’t really answer them.  I don’t finish one report card before I move on to the next.  I usually do one grade at a time for every report card.  So when I’m doing a fluency grade, I do that grade for every student’s report card.  Then I move down the line and do the next grade on the report card.  So it’s really a percentage thing.

After I get tired, I usually move over to behavior grades.  Those are usually easier to do, and I can fill those out a little more quickly.  I’ll do a bunch of those, then move back to the achedemics.  There are a few areas I want to wait and fill out later, so then I moved to the comments.

I like to put how they are doing in their reading fluency and comprehension.  I’ll mention if they have improved, and if they are above, below, or at grade level.  I also like to put how they are doing behavior wise.  That’s where I get a little “teacher revenge.”  I’ve never thought of it like that before, but even after sending home notes and talking with parents, I can remind them one last time if their child needs to behave better at school.  And in the report card, it’s a permanent record.

I left at 4:30 last night because I figured I could take my laptop home and do comments at home just as easy as I could do them at school.  So after dinner I sat on the couch and went at it.  It’s nice working at home, but after a while that numb feeling comes over me.  I actually fell asleep at one point holding down the “l” key.  I worked until about 10 o’clock.  I still have about 10 more students to make comments on, and about 5 more grades left for every student.  I’m thinking that I will be finished by tonight, I’m hoping around 9:30 or 10.

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