The Note

Every week my class puts all the papers the school wants to send home, or all the papers I want to send home or return, in their cubbies.  On Monday’s we bring that stack of papers home, with a note attactched asking the parents to sign and return it so that I know they have seen the stack of papers returned to them.

Here is a note I got back today from one of the families, written on the back of an unused envelope:

Dear (teacher),

My husban (sic) and I feel it is pointless for us to sign a paper saying we saw all the papers that we had all ready signed.  If you want us to sign the paper for the pack of papers then don’t have us sign every paper he brings home.  Otherwise it’s pointless.  Thank you



Any questions Call me

Let’s just say I was a little . . . upset.  Okay, they are wrong.  They do have to sign their child’s homework after it is finished and before they turn it into me the next day (this family hates to sign that as well).  But I’m not just sending home homework.  WHATEVER.  It’s the end of the year.  I don’t need to fight this battle.  Next year’s teacher can deal with it.


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