Troubles at Recess

You remember Timmy?  Well, let me introduce you to “Jimmy.”  Jimmy is a “special needs” student of mine.  If you met him, you might not pick up on that.  You might think he’s a little odd, but that’s about it.  If you spent time with him, you might guess he has some special needs.  But he is very, very normal.

Jimmy has many friends, and even a few good friends.  But the problem is, Jimmy plays with a group of boys who often end up not getting along.  Timmy is one of those boys.  So is Billy.

Well, yesterday, apparently Jimmy was sick and tired of Billy being so bossy.  And Billy was tired of Jimmy making the group only do what he wanted to do.  The playground supervisors let me know that there is trouble again with these to. (Yes, there has been trouble between them before, but they always manage to bury the hatchet and play together.)

These guys just can’t seem to get along with each other for too long.  Maybe they should be in different classes next year.

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