Open House

It was late this year, a week and a half before school gets out.  I like it that late, but some don’t.  It’s always a fun night, because you spend so much time stressing  and getting ready for it.  So by the time it comes, I always feel relaxed.  It is a bit weird standing around the classroom in a tie.  This year I wore an old bowtie.

Remember the mom who wrote me the note about not wanting to sign the papers because it was a waist of time?  Well, apparently, so is going to Open House.  I had about 7 families not show up, which is a pretty average for me.  I’ve never had everyone show up.  It’s usuaully around 7 – 10 families not showing up.

I had a sub the next day so I could go to web training, so I stayed after Open House to write sub plans.  I got home at around 8:15.


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