That’s right, kickball.  We played our annual 6th grade v. teachers kickball game.  It was fun, like always.  We let the 6th graders get ahead, but then we came roaring back.  I got lucky and got a couple good kicks in (2 homers).  It’s fun to have all the kids out there cheering, playing around with the other  teachers, music blaring.  (When they played the Macarena I had to quickly get over to the Man side of the lineup!)  We ended up winning 17 to 12 (I think it was something like that).  It was a very fun morning.

We gave goodbye plants to the 6 teachers that are leaving us next year due to budget cuts.  It was a sad little goodbye, but short:  We’re sad you’re leaving, here are some plants, good luck!  Oh well.  We are losing some very good teachers!

A day and a half left!  Friday will be busy.  Good thing we only have a half day.  Then it’s a rush to do the last minute cum stuff, get  your room all cleaned out, and get out as soon as you can.

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