My Last Full Day

The end of the year is always bitter-sweet, but to be honest, it’s usually more sweet than bitter.  I’ll miss some of my students, but truthfully, it’s like missing that itch you had that felt soooo good to scratch.  I had an odd group of boys!  It will be interesting to watch them for 2 more years here at school.

One of my boys is leaving after the school year.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one of my parents waiting until the end of the school year to take their child out of school, so I have to give him credit.  I tell my class that even though I will probably forget their names, I always enjoy former students saying hello.

We’re not doing a whole lot of achedemically strong teaching today and tomorrow, but we will be doing some things.  Getting out of here tomorrow at a good time is what is primarily on my mind.

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