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Last Day, Last Post?

Today it ‘s official.  The last day of school.  It’s a minimum day, so there will be lots of cleaning, putting things away, clearing off counters, things like that.

I”ll be honest.  When I picked up my class at their line, I was. . . pissed.  Not one present.  Now, I’m not looking for a lot of gifts from the kids, but I have spent an entire school year with them.  Don’t you think one parent could have thought, “Hey, that Mr. Vander Wall has been working all school year with our kid.  Maybe we should say thankyou some how.”?  Nope, not one.  Not a crappy stuffed animal, not an ugly mug from the dollar store (those are the two gifts I usually get, when I get a gift), nothing.  I”d be happy with a few parents coming up to me and saying thankyou.  Or a phone message in my box.  But nope.  Nada, nothing.

It pisses me off that these parents seem so unthankful.  From my perspective they put so little in to their child’s education.

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