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It’s Already Started

It’s day 5, and already I’ve had to call Robbie’s mom during class.  Robbie can’t seem to follow directions.  I had to write his name on his paper, and the date.  The next thing Robbie was supposed to do is write his name (we’re working on a BioPoem, about each student).  He was too distracted even to do that.  You can imagine how well that went over with me after I had to write his name and had given him a talk about staying on task and doing his work.

Calling his mom didn’t make him real happy.  It even took that smile off his face for once.  Too bad mom wasn’t there.  We left a message.  When he spoke on the phone, he spoke in Spanish.  I’m not sure if mom doesn’t speak English, or he just doesn’t want me to know what he’s saying on the machine.  What are the chances mom shows up to Back to School night tonight?  If she does, I can’t wait to talk with her!

I think it’s going to be a long year.

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The First Day of the First Week

Okay, Thursday and Friday are over, it’s Monday, I can jump right into the curriculum now.  I thought that would make my day go by better, but it didn’t.  I’m just not back into my rhythm.  I’m trying to remember how I did things, and when I did things.

And math was awful!  I was rushed, didn’t have the materials out that I had planned to, and was trying to adjust to the new curriculum.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t being observed!  The principal would have asked for my keys right then and there.

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1st Day Back

Well, it’s officially back to school time – summer’s over.  And the first day back is never what I want it to be.  It’s usually at least a morning full of meetings, and never what I want it to be – a day of getting my room ready and preparing for the first day with my students.

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It’s been a GREAT summer.  Unfortunately, it has to end.  And end, it has, work-wise, anyway.  5 days of training for our new math curriculum has called me away from my family, the beach, and my summer activities, into a small room with about 20 other 4th grade teachers.

And today I actually got back to my classroom for the first time.  I hooked up my projector, computer, and camera to all work together, and arranged my desks (loosely).  I tried to hook up Kelly’s, but I couldn’t find all the stuff for her.  I’ll do it when we’re at school together some time.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to my room.  Monday is my last full day off (no training, either).  I could spend that as my last day at the beach, or go to school to get ready.  The kids have their first day of school the same day I do, so it will be difficult to bring them.  Not impossible, but difficult.  We’ll see.

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