It’s been a GREAT summer.  Unfortunately, it has to end.  And end, it has, work-wise, anyway.  5 days of training for our new math curriculum has called me away from my family, the beach, and my summer activities, into a small room with about 20 other 4th grade teachers.

And today I actually got back to my classroom for the first time.  I hooked up my projector, computer, and camera to all work together, and arranged my desks (loosely).  I tried to hook up Kelly’s, but I couldn’t find all the stuff for her.  I’ll do it when we’re at school together some time.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to my room.  Monday is my last full day off (no training, either).  I could spend that as my last day at the beach, or go to school to get ready.  The kids have their first day of school the same day I do, so it will be difficult to bring them.  Not impossible, but difficult.  We’ll see.

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