CELDT Testing

I find it interesting that in my school, and many, many others around Orange County,  we have to devote 3 mornings to doing CELDT testing.  CELDT is the test California uses for limited English porficient (FEP) students to check their improvement in English.  when a student is signed up for school, every parent has to fill out a Home Language Survey with about 4 questions on it.  If there is a language other than English on it, then they are considered FEP until the pass high enough on the CELDT.

In my kids’ school, they probably have 3 or 4 kids per class that need to be tested.  So they get pulled out, and the rest of the students aren’t bothered.  Nor is the teacher.  In my school, most of the students have to be tested, so the teachers have to do the testing.  Those who do not need to be tested (those students who are English only or have tested out through the CELDT) are put in another classroom where they can do some activities while the rest are tested.

It is very disruptive.  Your schedule has to change for those three days to get in the testing.  It’s not very hard to do the testing, and it is only 3 days or so.  I find it interesting, though, that in some schools the CELDT is a huge deal, and in other schools the teachers hardly even know about it.

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