Report Cards

It’s that time of year again.  We usually get one or two minimum days to get ready.  You know, get our grade books up to date, things like that.  That was last week.  Report cards are due Friday, and although it seems that I have more time to do them between minimum days and the actual due date, the report cards seem more difficult than ever to do.  I don’t know why.

I’m about 2 thirds of the way through, but I then have to do ALL of the comments.  That can be the tricky part.  It would help if I could have a wireless connection at home.  Maybe I could go to Starbucks and use their wifi (that is not a bad idea!).

Conferences are next week.  We have two minimum days, then no school on Wednesday (Veteran’s Day), and then no school on Thursday or Friday.  I wish I could get them all in on one or two days, but it isn’t going to work out that way this year.  They’re about evenly spaced between the 4 days.

I just need to get the report cards done by Friday so they can be checked and I can hand them out for my conferences on Monday.


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