A New Student, Part I

I got called into the office the other day.  They wanted to warn me that I was getting a new student, and his mom or dad was requesting testing and for him to be put into a Special Day Class.  Looking at his records, they didn’t see any glaring needs, and he scored high enough on one test to indicate that he wasn’t autistic.  They though his parents might have thought he had ADHD.

Later that morning the boy came to class.  We’ll call him Johnny.  Johnny did not seem ADHD, although he did seem to be a little odd, and he did have a rough morning.  He was crying in class, and students saw him hitting his forehead numerous times.  I had him go to the office with another boy to run and errand for me, and while they were out, I was able to talk with the class about the new boy, and how he was asking.  They all knew he was having a rough day, so they all agreed to be extra nice to him.

By the afternoon he perked up a bit.  While talking to him, he continued to be a bit odd, but nothing too radical.

That night, while chatting on line with our school psych, I mentioned that I did not think Johnny was ADHD, but that he did seem to be a bit on the spectrum of Autism.  She tentatively agreed.

It’s been about 10 days now.  I think Johnny definitely seems on the spectrum.  There is something familiarly odd about him.  He’s a really nice boy.  The way he talks, and some of the things he says, and they way he acts at time, make me think he’s spectrummy.  But I’m no expert.


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