I’m thinking of making a bet with a fellow teacher who happens to be an L.A. Kings fan.  The fan of the loser of tonight’s game has to wear the jersey of the winning team.  What do you think?  The Kings are due for a lose!  Again, we’ll see.


I’ve lost 3 students in the last 2 months, 4 all together.  I’ve gotten 2 new ones, one just lately.  So I’m down to 27 students.  I haven’t had that few students in a very long time.  What that means is I’m going to get all the new 4th grade students that come.

My new girl is really nice.  We’ll call her “Daisy.”  She’s bright and friendly, and seems to fit right in.  The boy I got about6 weeks ago is very sweet, but a bit odd.  He’s being tested.  Something seems a bit off with him.  It might just be his personality.  All the teachers love him because he is so sweet.  But he is always the last to do things in my classroom.  We’ll call this boy “Johnny.”


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