Johnny’s I.E.P.

Had an I.E.P. for Johnny today, first thing in the morning.  In my experience, in an IEP, teachers usually sit and nod and say, “uh huh” from time to time.  At that was true in this case.

We know Johnny’s mom was a bit high mintanance, so I think everything took a bit longser.  And since I had a planning day in the morning, I didn’t have an excuse to leave early.  It took about an hour, with a lot of explainations of tests.

Turns out the tests showed that Johnny has a lot of needs.  He is pretty smart, but his language processing skills are very lacking.  The poor kid.  He’ll be getting about 2 hours a week of small group help with our Speech and Language teacher.  He needs it, and it should really help.

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