Never Again

“Betty” came with her dad before school today to find me.  It turns out that Betty forgot part of her homework.  At least that is all that dad told me.  Apparently they were both hoping for something like, “Well, that’s okay!  As long as your dad came to tell me that, you don’t have to miss recess like the others who will forget theirs.”  But I held strong, and explained to dad that it was part of her homework, she will have to therefore miss recess, but it was ultimately not that big of a deal – everyone misses once in a while.

I could tell that wasn’t the expected response, but I had lots to do, so I explained that to them, and took off before they could try to get me to change my mind.

Fifteen minutes or so later, after I had made copies and got things done in the workroom, I am returning to my room when I dad finds me again, this time without Bettie.  He explains that Betty is upset and sorry for forgetting her homework.  I tell him that it’s too bad she’s upset, and I ask where she is so I can explain that it is really no big deal.  “She’s around the corner, crying.” he explains.  So I try not to roll my eyes, and tell him that I will let it go this time, and I’ll find time in class for her to do it (I’m such a wuss!).  He says thanks, and assures me this will be the last time.  Yah, I believe that.

So I go up to my room, do a couple things, and on my way to the restroom I find Betty with dad this time, looking for me again.  I can tell she’s been crying.  Dad explains that she really wants to do it at home.  I’m thinking, “Great, she wants to take responsibility and do it at home like she should.”

I tell her that she can, but she’ll miss recess if she does.  Or she can take door number 2 like I told her dad, but it’s her choice.  They say thanks, and I explain that I’ve got to use the restroom before the bell rings, so I take off again.  A few minutes later I go to pick up the class before school, AND BETTY ISN’T THERE.  She went home!  Way to go dad!  Way to not let her learn responsibility and that there are consequences for her actions.

This is the second time dad has come and said Betty was crying because she forgot her homework.  I guess she REALLY doesn’t want to miss recess.  I forgot that he had come way back during the first month of school and explained to me that she didn’t want to come to school because she had forgotten her homework in class the night before and therefore didn’t have it finished that day.  I let her off the hook then, just like I did today.

I will not let that mistake happen again.

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