Report Card Joys

Finished my report cards Tuesday, at home.  That was nice.  Had mostly comments to do, then had to get most of them translated on Google Translator.  Then Wednesday morning I let me principal know they were done and ready to be checked.

Got a note back today.  Among other thanks, she said I forgot to put some scores in the comments.  After getting some things done after school (I didn’t think I had many things to do) I discovered that almost all the comments I did at home did not get saved.

To make matters worse, as I was working to get them finished (for a second time) this afternoon, the report card maker program kept freezing up.  Which meant I had to control/alt/delete, go to the task manager, and end task.  Every 5 minutes or so it would do it again.

After calling a colleague, I decided that something was up, and maybe they could get the archived records from when I saved it at home.  Another possibility was that since the program was freaking out, maybe things weren’t being saved.  I’ll talk to someone at school tomorrow.


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