Johnny vs. Adam

I’m keeping an eye on Johnny, and a journal as well.  Just keeping track of his problems, successes, and oddities.  Got a note from  his mom today.  She said a boy, Adam,  was threatening to beat him up.  Him and his “army.”  I talked to Adam about it.  He says that sometime they play army together, and at the end of recess they ask how many people their armies killed.  Hmmmm.

Talked to Johnny about that.  I asked him if anyone was bothering him.  Right away he said, “Oh, is this because my mom gave you that note?”

He says they never play together, let alone play “army.”  I asked him if  Adam  bothers him.  He said, “Last Friday, not to day, but a week ago, on Friday, [he used hand signals to help show me], “Adam had said we were bff’s, then he said were weren’t bffs.  Then he kept saying bff, bff, bff, bff.  I told him to stop, we’re not bff’s.  Then Adam said then I’m going to beat you up.  I said you and what army.  He said me and my army.”

I asked Johnny if he was scared of Adam.  He said he wasn’t.  I asked if he likes sitting next to Adam (yes, they sit next to each other).  He said he did.  I asked Johnny if I should move Adam.  He said no.


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