The Test, Part IV

It’s the last day of testing.  Day 2 of the Math test.  We’re a good 20 minutes into the test when I look over at Johnny.  He’s got a big ol’ river of snot running out of his nose and onto his upper lip.  Hmmmm.  Did he ever think, “Maybe I should raise my hand and ask for a tissue?”  Apparently not.  So I quickly grab a couple of tissues and hustle over there and hand him one.  He takes it.  Now I would have used the first one to wipe away the river of snot running out of my nose.  He kind of does that, then opens it back up to blow his nose.

I’m about to puke.  I tell run over and get a trash can and a few more tissues.  I ask him to throw away the tissues, then I provide him with a quick lesson on how to use a tissue to blow your nose.

That was gross.

* * * * *

As I am walking around the room, I make sure I check Johnny to make sure his nose is river-free.  I find that I can’t make eye contact with him.  If I do, he won’t look away.  He’ll keep looking at me, smile, give me a thumbs up sign, or something like that.  But he won’t go back to taking the test until I look away.  It’s like a deer caught in the headlights.  He just can’t… look…a…way.

* * * * *

After about an hour of test taking, almost everyone is finished.  When I checked the first couple of finishers, I noticed they did NO work on their scratch paper or on their test booklet.  None.  Even I would have had to write some things down to figure out the answer.  But they wrote none.  I told them to go back and show their work, and reminded them that they can’t find many of the answers without writing down the problems to work the problems.

There are about 3 students who were still working while the rest were finished.  That’s fine.  Just keep working, and be careful.

Then it was just Johnny.  Everyone else was finished, and Johnny had 23 more problems to do (I checked).

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