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In Case You’re Keeping Track

No white kids this year.  It doesn’t really matter.  I’m just sayin’.

One Asian kid, a Samoan girl,  a Philippine.  I got a black kid just recently, although he looks like his parents might be of different races.  The rest from south of the border.

Coolest last name this year?  Caballero.

I have a girl whose brother I had about 7 years ago, and a sister of a girl I had for about 2 months last year (I really liked her, but we had to switch her to another teacher).

I have two boys with the same name.  I had two girls with the same name, but they moved.  I have a boy and a girl with the same last name, but they aren’t related, and probably hate the fact that their last names are the same.

Oh, my principal is a little person.  My VP is white, and male.

Not that it matters.  I’m just sayin’.

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Testing Hangover

Testing spoils you, as a teacher, that is.  Your planning is already set for the morning – testing.  During most of the other times during the day, you’re doing test prep, or something fun to relax the students.  You just don’t do too much during the two weeks of testing.  And the homework load is light, as well.  You don’t want your class staying up late doing homework the night before the test.  So there is little homework to check.

But there is a problem.  What to do the rest of the year.  I can go back and cover the things I’ve skipped in math, but that isn’t much.  Everything important needed to be taught before the test.  I do have one more theme in language arts, but I’ve taught all the important concepts.  So I’ve got about 2 weeks worth of stuff to teach in math, and maybe 4 weeks worth of stuff in language arts.  And about 6 weeks left in school.

Well, our Gold Rush play is coming up, so we can spend lots of time learning that, and the square dance we’ll be doing.  And we just found out we’ll be having and upper grade Olympics towards the end of school, so we can spend lots of time getting ready for that.  Those two, plus lots of science and social studies.

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