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Class Make Up

I started with 29 students (anything under 30 is considered low).  I lost 2 girls (both with the same name) around the third of the way through the school year, and a boy (let’s just say I wasn’t sorry he left).  Then I got a boy (Johnny) on picture day.  Then I few weeks later I got a gir (Daisy- she is super nice and friendly with everyone, a great person to put new people by).  Then I got another girl (friendly as well).  Then I got another boy (he had to move schools because his brother had to be moved, so the principal thought there might be trouble – there hasn’t been).  Then a few weeks ago I got my 30th student, another girl.  She’s friendly, but seems a little out of it.

I’m just happy that all my new students speak English.  It is so discouraging to get a new student that speaks only Spanish.

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