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Johnny, So Much to Write, So Little Time

There’s a 5th Grade Fitness test next year, so I need my class to be a little fit.  So I make them run some laps for PE.

So out we go, and I notice Johnny is obviously covering his ear.  I think, “Uh oh, what’s up.”

He tells me something bit him on the ear.  I look at it, and it looks like it is really sticking out significantly.  It’s also red, and looks swollen.  But a soar ear is no reason not to run, right?  So off I send him.  Well, as he comes around for his last lap, he’s still covering his ear, and for some reason holding his other hand up to his chest.  (That cannot be a good running position!)

He just looks goofy.  Another teacher joked that he was making call on his cell phone.

In the classroom, he keeps his hood on.  I make him take it off, but he really doesn’t want to!  He does, but then he covers it with his hand.  He can’t go all day covering his ear with hand, so I make him put it down.  Again, he really doesn’t want to.  But I make him.  He tries to raise his hood up over his ear.  I assure him that if he does that, or tries in other ways to cover it, he will just look goofy, and others will think something weird is going on.  So, hesitantly, he just leaves it alone, and no one notices.  No one says a thing.  But it does look big, read, and a bit goofy!

Oh yea, he also left his glasses at home.

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