Johnny, His Mom, and the Principal

Here’s the deal.  Johnny’s not doing wonderfully great in our class.  He has trouble interacting with a group.  So at recess he is alone a lot.  But he does have friends, and when he sits at his desk, he does talk from time to time with his neighbors.

Mom’s worried that he is depressed.  I know he misses his dad a lot.  So mom wanted to bring cupcakes to class to help him celebrate his birthday, and make is special.  But the principal says no.  So to keep mom happy, the principal agrees to go to our room and sing happy birthday with the class.  That is absurd!  No one else gets a visit from the principal.  I talk her out of it, and assure her that we will sing to him as a class – although we have never done that for other students.  (I even make him stand on his chair – he liked it.)

Why, oh why, couldn’t mom just bring the cupcakes?  Tell her to bring them for the last 15 minutes of class.  It would have been fun, and he would have gotten a lot of, “Thanks, Johnny!”‘s.  It is so lame that a parent can’t do that for their kid on their birthday.  And if you don’t want cupcakes, how about cookies, or twinkies, or whatever?

It’s a left over from our last principal.  She was a bit obsessed with not getting the carpets dirty.  Please!

I think I’m going to tell my parents next year at Back to School Night that they can bring cupcakes on their child’s birthday, as long as they talk with ME before hand and let me know.

That’s right.  Fight the system!

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