Happy June

Aren’t long weekends great!

I am sooo far behind for Open House!  I have all day Tuesday, and half day Wednesday with the class to get things done with them.  Then half a day Wednesday afternoon to get the room ready.

I need to mount my math wall, mount my language arts wall (2 papers each), finish our line drawings, do another “arty” project, mount that, move half of my language arts board, move my focus wall and language arts charts, wash desks, clean out the desks, and I’m sure a few more things.  Oh yes, and correct all their missions reports, and change my Social Studies wall.

It’s going to be a long 2 days.  Then after that I have to focus on the Olympics, Gold Rush, moving classrooms, and report cards.

Hang on!

* * * * *

Did I mention I don’t feel like I can trust this class.  There is always someone who will screw something up unless I watch them like a hawk.


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