Busy at the End

The last week of school is incredibly busy, but especially this year, as most of the teachers are closing down their classrooms/school and changing classrooms.

And the last day of school is the worst.  It is so nice to finish the year, and say goodbye to your students.  I always tell my students that I will miss them, and that I hope that they say hi and come and visit me next year.  I also warn them that I am sure I will forget their names, and to please forgive me, and still to say hi.

But after they leave, that’s when the clock starts ticking.  We have to sign up for a check out time.  This year I picked 3:15.  I don’t know why.  It always takes me forever to get out of there.  But it was also the last time available by the time I saw the sign up sheet.

I skipped lunch, and worked on my cums.  Did that in almost 2 hours, sorted them and all, then walked across the street to bring some food back.  At on the way back, and then back to my room to get things moved/cleaned.  My check out time came and went, and I was not ready.  At around 4:30 I got my VP to come on over and check me out.

I finally got the okay to leave, turned in my keys, and headed home.  It is always so nice to finally get in the car and leave for the summer.  That last day is a mad scramble to get things done and to get out of there.  I’m glad it’s over.


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