Starting Back Up

I went in for the first time about a week and a half ago, on a Monday, with Julie.  We got my desks moved into how I wanted them, and got up most of my bulletin boards.

Went in yesterday and today, as well (the two of us).  Julie finished the bulletin boards, and got up my Mountain Math and Mountain Language Arts bulletin boards.  I am very excited about doing both of those this year!  Thanks Miss Dinh for the questions for both of them.

My room is just about ready for the school year.  We’re going in again tomorrow (Friday) to finish up.  Julie really wants to finish my Mountain L.A. board.  I need to get something of a plan for at least the first day, although I know it will be a day I need to be very flexible during.  Hopefully I can talk with my fellow 4th grade teachers to find out some ideas for the following few days.  I’m hoping we start our curriculum soon.  The days just drag on when we don’t.


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