Back to School!

Summer is over!  School has started.

Day 1 was a bit hectic, with no official prep days.  Good thing Julie and I came to school for 3 days to get my room ready.  I had a list of things I wanted to get finished, and I knew I probably wouldn’t finish all of them.  Besides the stuff the school wants me to do, I did fluff, partly to get the class to get to know each other, and partly to give them a chance to practice the classroom procedures.

Did I mention the 31 students I have in class?  And I’m lucky, there are 32 students on my list.  Two didn’t show up, but a girl who was not on my list was assigned to me.  Kelly, next door, has 33 kids!  I think the other 4th grade class has 31.

Ninety-five students in 3 classrooms.  That’s a lot of kids.  I think all the classrooms are at at least 30.  The lower grades are freakin’, because they’re used to 20.

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