My Assistant

I have a Special Ed girl in my class this year.  Autism.  And probably the most obvious case that I’ve had, but not too bad at all.  But she comes with a reputation.

Rather, her mom comes with a reputation.

No, wait.  Her mom’s lawyers come with a reputation.  That’s right.  Lawyers.  They are advocates for her and her mom, to make sure they are getting everything she deserves.  But I hear they can be nasty.  Last year’s teacher, and the school speech teacher, and the school’s psychologist, say they can be a bit…on the attack.  Fortunately for me, they never really bother the teacher.  It’s all the supplementary survives that get in their sights.  The IEP’s last for hours (mind you, most student IEP’s last about 30 minutes).

But the girl, the student, comes with a full time aide.  And she is great!  She is very cool, and very helpful.  She is used to being in the classroom with the student.  With all the students.  She needs to help the student when the student needs help, but she is not suppose to hover.  So when the student does not need attention, or when the student is at RSP, she is free to help me in other ways!  Wow!

She has corrected homework for me, helped me with students, worked one on one with students, and taken small groups for me.  She is really helping my year go smoother.  Last week I missed a couple of days, and she helped when the sub was here, in ways I never thought of.  Small things that really help my class run smoother.

It’s so nice having another adult in the class with me.

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