I got my new “pad.”  No, it’s not an iPad.  But what it is is a pad that lets me walk around the class, be mobile, while still able to manipulate my computer desk top and any documents or internet sites I am on, while that is being projected onto the screen in front of the class.  It can also act as a white board for me to write on for the class to see.  So I can show a web site, or a math lesson (it’s computer based, with a video), stop the lesson, call up the white board, and show other examples thought up by the class.

It’s pretty fun, and let’s me get away from my computer.

Today I made a Tree Map with my class, on living and non living things in an ecosystem.  I also wrote the answers to today’s math page.  That way they could see the answers, and didn’t have to ask me to repeat any of them.  And I can do any of that from anywhere in the room.

I can see how easy it would be easy to use the pad almost all day.

I’m actually looking forward to teaching tomorrow.  It’s like when I was looking forward to 2-a-day football practices during the summer in high school, because I had new cleats.

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