(Not) Halloween

Tomorrow is Friday, the last school day before Halloween.  I was hoping to rally the troops and get teachers to dress up tomorrow for school.  I have my “Lutheran bishop” costume ready.  Amy said she’d be willing.  She’s got an “80’s teenager” outfit ready to go.  Kristin said she’d wear her “Alice in Wonderland” outfit, if others were going to dress up.

But that’s about as far as I got, as far as willing to dress up goes.

Too many people were scared about what the principal would say.  Come on!  What could she say?  Even if she didn’t like it, how mad could she get.  She’s not going to write us all up, or send us all home, or something.  Worse case, she calls us into the conference room and tells us not to do it again.

Totally worth it!

I’m disappointed in my fellow teachers.  Come on, take a chance.  Live a little!  It’s not like we’re all going to be dressing indecently.  It’s just a costume.

Oh well, maybe next year.

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