Another New Guy

Well, it’s been a while, but I got another new student (I had lost 1 boy, but gained a girl, so that had me at 32 for a while).  We’ll call him P.  He came with a lot of baggage, so we had a heads up about him, and the day before he came, we had a meeting with his mom, his old schools psychologist and RSP teacher, our psychologist and RSP teacher, and our principal.

He’s got a LOT of things going on with him, besides his health issues (can you say ADHD? [and more]).  The poor guy.

But actually getting him in class was somethin’.  Hopefully he WASN’T on his meds for his first day, because if he was…uh oh!  Apparently, when mom was asked by the principal if he was on his meds, mom said, “I think.” – I THINK????  Look mom, let’s make sure the guy takes his meds EVERY DAY!

Now you know I have experience with ADHD, and boys who have it and aren’t medicated.  This boy seemed to fit the bill.  In between long sessions in the bathroom (I was told he was goofing off, throwing water with a couple of 5th graders) he was a tad squirrelly (can you smell my sarcasm?).

Odd things I noticed about him:  scratches/sores on his arms, sucking his shirt sleeves (to the point that they were noticably wet), and talking to almost everyone at his table throughout the day (impressive, for a new guy [new guys are generally quiet and trying to follow the rules]).

But that was yesterday – he came after recess (I don’t know why they didn’t have mom fill out the paperwork after the meeting the day before).  Today he was here all day.  And no trips to the bathroom.  Although, I did get him faking he was soundly asleep.

He is classic ADHD.  He can’t find his paper because it fell on the floor when he turned around to talk to the guy behind him.  Then when he finally realizes it is on the floor, he knocks his pencil off his desk while he bends over to pick up his paper.  Then he finally gets his pencil, but then he didn’t hear what page to turn to.  Take that about 5 times, and that was his/my day.

I feel bad, because this guy is going to consume my year.  He’s going to take a lot of my attention.  He does go out for 30 minutes twice a week for language arts, and 45 minutes twice a week for math.  That will help.  His former RSP teacher implied he needed the time because he’s still putting capital letters in the middle of sentences.  I’m not sure about that, but I think he might need the time so that he can gain focus in a small group.

Oh yes.  RSP aide asked why all the scratches on his arm.  He replied it was because of the bugs in his clothes.  Nice.


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  1. This cracks me up. I hope you’ve seen a few visitors from my site. Would you mind adding me to your blogroll? I’d love to get a bunch of teacher sites to put on mine. Keep up the good fight!

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