Again with the New Guy

His first day, he came in at about 11.  Apparently, mom didn’t have all the paperwork completed.  Whatever

Day two, he was here all day.  He missed day 3, I think  – day 3 or day 4.  Then one day he left early.

This week (a 4 day week) he missed Tuesday, I think it was.  Word on the street is that he told someone he and his brother stayed home to have a funeral for his hamster.

Okay, this kid has had a sucky life.  He has been through a lot.  Maybe there is something to letting him stay home because he’s freakin’ out cuz his hamster died.  Maybe, because of what he’s been through, it’s a small thing to do to help make up for all the crap he’s been through.  That’s giving mom the benefit of the doubt.

This kid is so dis-shelved.  He came in with a note from his mom.  Of course, it was folded about 4 times, and all wrinkled.  And he came right up to me while I was picking up my line in the morning.  He says, “Mr. V., this is why my eyes look like I’ve been crying.  See?  It’s right here.  My hamster is gone.”

I’ve notice he’s got little sores on him, that look like they could start bleeding at any time, as though they were bleeding 15 minutes ago.  I can’t figure out what they are from, or what might have caused them.  The only thing I can think of is that one of the RSP teachers asked him about his scratches on his arms (I haven’t noticed scratches) and he told her there are from the bugs that are in his bed and in his house.  Maybe these little sores on his arms are from bug bites?

And I’ve yet to get any homework from him.  Although, I did get his parent note returned, and it was even signed.

I just really have to stay on top of him, and remind him of what he needs to do, and what is expected of him.  Give him reminders, so that he doesn’t get in trouble.  But I have to continually give him those reminders, for everything.

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