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While a Sub Had the Class

I could go on about this for hours, but let me try to give you the short version.

Fourth Grade had a planning afternoon yesterday.  Because of our school performance, the state gives us money to pay for subs to cover for our classes so we can have grade-level planning times during the school day.  We get them 3 times a year.

Apparently Peter starts making animal noises.  Of course the sub asks him to stop, but evidently, if he did, he soon continued.  She has him turn his pin like a good sub, but he continues.  When he puts his pin on red, the teacher asks a table what normally happens at that point.  While she is doing that, Peter decides it is a good time to go up to the front of the class and write on the white board.

I have NEVER heard of a student being that disrespectful to a sub as to go up and write on the white board.  Certainly not with any sub I have ever had.  I was appalled when I heard that.

Then the sub asks him to sit back down, and what does he do?  He goes to my chair in the middle of the room and spins around on it.  If I had been a sub with a student like that, I would have gone ballistic!  I cannot believe Peter, or any student would do that.

Well, the sub has had enough.  She sends him to the office and calls down to let them know the behavior that got him sent down their.  Unfortunately, the principal and vice principal were not there at the time.  So our school psychiatrist has a mean talking to with him (well, she tried, anyway).

When I get to school the next day.  The office had put a note in my box telling me what the sub had said (she had left out a couple of details).  During class we talk about it, and I find out some other juicy details that the sub didn’t bother telling me or the office (come on sub!).

I let Peter have it.  He lost every privilege I could take away from him.  When his mom came to pick him up, I had her park her car and come into the office so that the 3 of us could talk.

I’m not sure the mom follows through at all with discipline, and I have a feeling Peter and his older brother rule the house.

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