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Peter’s mom came to pick him up early today (at noon).  He has had a lot of days where he leaves early, or simply doesn’t make it to school.

So I quickly make some homework for him.  Before he loads up to go, he asks if the Book Fair is open.  He remembers that our class is scheduled to go at 2:00 this afternoon.  “Sorry, Peter, it’s open, but not for our class.”

He looks a little sad.  I should have reminded him he can go tomorrow at lunch if he brings money, or after school tomorrow if he doesn’t have any money.

Out the door he goes.  A few minutes later I get a call from a friend of mine whose class is in the book fair.  “Is Peter aloud to get a book now, or is he going home?”  She knows Peter.  She’s heard my stories.  Good call, Mrs. R.  I tell her to send him back to my class right away.

Peter, what are you thinking?

I’ve had students who are super ADHD.  Trust me, I have.  (Remember Johnny from two years ago???)  But even that kid new right from wrong, and even though he could not keep still or pay attention, he still new better than to do the wrong thing.  He had SOME self control.  I can’t blame all of Peter’s actions on his ADHD and other issues.  He just wants to do what he wants.

He better learn.

I’ve put Peter on different paper.  He can’t use regular college ruled paper.  He’s way too messy.  So I put him on 2nd or 3rd grade paper.  Wider lines to write in, and a dotted line in the middle to help with lower case.  But I’m trying to stress with him to place appropriate space between each word, so that whomever reads his work can actually read it.

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