The I.E.P.

We had Jenny’s big IEP on Friday.  I counted 8 people there for our “side,” not including our principal, who had to be in and out of the meeting.  By the way, most IEP’s have the teacher, the RSP teacher, and maybe one more person.  The extra people at our meeting were the lawyer, the district program specialists, the psychologist, and others.

The meeting was scheduled to go from 9 till 12:30, so I needed a full day sub.  It started with going over the year and seeing if she met all her goals, which she did.  Her families lawyer asked me a few questions about Jenny’s abilities, but nothing too difficult.  I don’t think there were any questions about her being difficult in a regular education classroom.

So after going over last year’s goals and Jenny’s accomplishments, we took a break and then went over her new goals for next year.

The meeting went pretty smoothly.  No big arguments or differences of opinion.  They agreed to reduce her time for math in RSP.  The lawyer and mom even signed off on the new IEP, which they have never done without reviewing it and signing it at a later date.

Overall, the psychologist (who ran the meeting) and the principal were very pleased with the way the meeting went.  They both said I handled myself well, but honestly, I only said a couple of things.  We were all glad to get the meeting over.

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