Tesing – Day 2

Testing continues.   It’s day 2.  Language arts both days.  Tomorrow and Friday we won’t be testing.  We’ll start back up next week on Tuesday for math, and again test Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s not too bad, actually.  Only four days of testing.  But the testing mornings seem long, I’m sure especially for the kids.  Lots of reading.  And with the math their will be lots of writing, as they’ll have to do a lot of computations.

Testing can be a little tricky.  First of all, you’ve spent your entire year getting ready for these 2 weeks.  So the stress level is a bit high, especially for those students who are with it enough to know the test is important.

And what to do during the test is a challenge for me.  My principals have always encouraged us to walk around the class.  Make sure the students are putting theier answers in thr right place, things like that.  I can see that.  Room wandering also keeps those students who tend to let their mind wonder and distract the rest of the class from doing so.

But honestly, I’m not going to wander around the room the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes.  So I wander, and then sit for a bit.  Or I wander and read material I have printed up.  Or I wander and check homework.  Or I wander and write.  Wander.  Sit. Wander/read.  Wander.  Sit.  Wander/write.  You get the point.  What ever I’m doing, I continue to watch the kids.  I’ve got a few that love to goof around.  Especially after they are done for the day and getting board.


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