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Annoying Habits

We have a big walk through / observation coming up this week.  We get this every year.  As I said earlier,  they are pretty stressful.  And it’s good to get them over with.  We’ve been instructed that no one is to be testing, going to the computer or Jiji labs, going to the library, or doing anything but explicit, direct instruction.  They want to see us teach!

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A and His Hat

Okay, I have another one.  A came to school with one of those stuffed animal beanies.  His was a tiger, complete with long hanging down thingies that you can put your hands in to keep ..

They look sooo girly.

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Getting Ready

Here we go.  It’s that time of year again.

People from our district are coming out to our school to observe us.  And by us, I mean the teachers.  They want to make sure we are using best practices while teaching.  And by best practices, I mean TAPPPLE.  I can’t remember everything TAPPPLE stands for, (and maybe I should, seeing as that’s what they want to see), but I know that they really want to see a lot of checking for understanding (that means pulling sticks randomly to call on students to answer questions, and having the class use white boards to respond to questions) and corrective feedback (helping them get the right answer if they don’t know it, and clarifying answers that are only partly correct).

Blah, blah, blah!

Just a bunch of hoops to jump through.  Get your classroom spotless, your boards up to date.  God forbid your focus wall isn’t current!

They come in, watch for about5 – 8 minutes, then leave.  Ten minutes later they come back and watch again.  Then leave for a while, then come back for a while.  It’s all over in an hour.

Then there’s nothing to worry about until I’m observed by my principal next year.

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E and His Hat

E is in my class this year.  He’s a nice enough guy.  A bit quiet, and not the smartest guy in the room.  He and D like to giggle at each other.  Well, E’s got this new hat.  It’s actually like a beenie.  It’s a wolf’s head.  It looks like a stuffed animal on his head.  It’s cute.  Cute.  Like what a fourth grade girl would have on her bed at home.  Do you see the problem?  And then its got these long flaps that hang down for you to put your hands in.  So it’s like a wolf beanie, with built in gloves.  The whole thing looks a little girlish.

He wears it to school, and at recess, and then when we leave.  I wonder if he gets teased at all about it.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  He’s asking for it.

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Back from Christmas

It’s been a long Winter (Christmas) break, but a good one.  I’m having trouble remembering my classes’ names.  Plus I have my Oral Language and intervention groups, so name recollection is a bit difficult today.  And my throat is drying out quickly.  That happens every time I come back from a break.

We spent about an hour going over school rules today after lunch.  The fourth grade broke up into 6 groups for 6 different stations outside , (bathroom, lines, blacktop, lunch lines, and lunch tables) and the teachers reviewed proper behavior at each location.  A worthy thing to do, but it could have been done faster in the classroom by the teacher.

But I think I’m glad to be back.  It’s been a good break, and I think I’m ready to be here again.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’d love to have another 3 weeks off!

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