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Book Fair Problems

It’s time for the Book Fair.  That means as a teacher, I can send about 3 kids there during lunch, and 3 kids there during recess.  I’ve got about 15 kids who want to go.  I can’t send them all.  Not in one day.  So I randomly select 3 who have money to buy books.  They get a note.  They can go at recess.

J really wants to go.  But he wasn’t picked for this recess.  Plus he has recess detention for missing homework.  But after detention, when he is supposed to be walking to the playground to line up after recess, he sneaks over to the book fair.

He gets busted.  The teacher who had him for detention writes him a discipline note.

At lunch, I pick 3 more students to go to the Book Fair, and I remind the class that only the students I pick can go.  But guess who decides to go, anyway.  J.  Yep, even after getting a discipline note, he decides to go to the Book Fair and buy a couple of books.

I was furious!

Of course I bust him.  He tells me that he needed to go because his mom gave him money.

Half the class brought money.  They know that they have to take turns going to the fair, and that they can’t all go at the same time.  Plus, we will have class time to go.  He knows that.  Every student knows that.

I take the books away, and tell him that if he wants the books back.  His mom will have to come up to the room and talk to me.

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