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Rainy Day? Schedule

A half hour before recess, the office makes an all-call, telling the teachers and students that we will be going on rainy day schedule for recess AND lunch?  Mind you, no rain has fallen yet.  I understand that if they are going to make the call, they have to do it before primary recess.  But to make that call for lunch, before any rain has fallen at recess time, is way to cautious.

Rainy day schedule means the kids eat their lunches in the classroom.  They spend their recess time in the classroom.  The only time they get to leave the classroom is to use the restroom.  By the end of the day the room stinks like food, and the kids are so antsy they drive the teachers crazy.  It also means the teachers only get a half hour lunch, instead of a 45 minute lunch.  So to tell the teachers before recess that lunch will be eaten inside just kills their spirit.

And sure enough, even by the end of the day, still no rain.


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