J’s Move

J tells me he’s moving!  I tried not to act too excited.  Then I told him to make sure his mom tells the office.  Now I know not to get too excited when students tell me they’re leaving.  Too many times they think they are changing schools, but are really just confused about I don’t know what.  So I didn’t get my hopes up.

But later that day he tells me that his mom said he can try the new school, and if he doesn’t like it he can come back here.  Hmmm, is that how it works?

The next day the office tells me that J’s mom called and said it would be his last day.  I told him I was sorry he was leaving, and I tried to make him believe me.  So I get him ready to go.  At the end of the day we make sure to take out of his desk all the things that are his, and that all the school things actually stay here (it figures that he still has one of our school library books at home).

We walk out, we all say our goodbyes.  As I go to my box before I go back up to my room, I have a note from the secretary.  Jonathan’s mom called and said that Monday will be his last day.

We’ll see.


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