Report Cards – Second Trimester

Report cards are always tricky for me, and each time I fill them out there are different tricky parts to it.  Second trimester report cards are due soon.

Wednesday we had a minimum day to work on them. As usual, I used that time to grade papers and input grades into my grade book.  I worked on them a little on Thursday and Friday, but honestly, I am so busy during the week, I haven’t had a lot of time to do it.

Plus with my wife working full time (she usually isn’t), I feel I need to get home to help out more, so I haven’t been able to stay late much.

So now it’s Sunday afternoon.  I’d rather be napping, but I find I need to get working on report cards.  I’m hoping to get a lot of the behavior grades put in, and then get through a lot of the comments.  I’m trying to go minimal again, like I did last trimester.

There’s two ways to do comments.  I could use the districts prewritten comments.  That’s easy, once you find the right comments.  A lot of them don’t quite fit.  And honestly, using those comments is incredibly boring for me.  I find myself literally falling asleep doing them.

The other way is to write my own comments.  But when I do that, I have to go to Google Translator and get them translated into Spanish.  And I know the comments I write are not getting translated perfectly.  I’m afraid to hear how incorrect the comments are when they are translated into Spanish.

Stay tuned.

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