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My Pencil Sharpener

I think I’ve mentioned this before.  Having pencils sharpened and ready for students is always a challenge.  Earlier in the year I would have students do it before school.  You could always count on wondering students before school to come in and sharpen them for you.  But ever since those teachers in L.A. were arrested, we aren’t allowed to have students in our classrooms before or after school (I’ll go into that at another date).

So now I have to sharpen them.  And there actually aren’t a lot of quality pencil sharpeners in our school.  There’s a heavy duty one in our workroom.  That means dragging all my pencils down there to do that.  I could. I’ve done it before, but its not my favorite option.  I have an electric pencil sharpener from the school.  That broke long ago.  I have an electric one a student brought for me a couple of years ago.  That one still works, but it’s not great.

The best pencil sharpeners are the Xacto sharpeners.  You can get one that suction cups onto any flat surface.  The do a great job, but they to only last for a couple of months.  Maybe 4 at the most.

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The Writing Test

Spending Monday morning writing with my class.  We have four genres to review: narrative summary, expository summary, personal narrative, and fictional narrative.  We’ll be wiring thinking maps for all of those in the morning.  And maybe putting one or two to a rough draft.  But the thinking map is the key.  It’s their plan.  Once they get that, the rough draft should be easy.  So we’ll be practicing that all morning.

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