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A’s Writing

The king who rained

I remember when I was little.  My family were saying weird word that I didn’t know, like my sister has a frog in her throat, and my daddy says there fork in the road, or sometimes my mom tell me to get the hair spray and when I give it to her she says I am a little deer.  But when I grew up the wird word they told me were hyperbole.  I will never forget those word.

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A Note from a Student

“Dear Mr. Vander Wall,

B told me something that was really wasn’t (sic) nice about S.  She told me S needs to shut her ugly a face before she brakes (sic) her face.  The a means the bad word.”

I got that from A.  A sits next to S.  B sits at the table next to them.  I have my suspicions that B is a bully and says a lot of unkind things, but I can’t get anyone to corroborate those suspicions.  Sometimes I hear B say something in a mean tone to someone at her table, and when I do I make sure to remind her that we need to talk nicely to the people around us.

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A and His Hat

Okay, I have another one.  A came to school with one of those stuffed animal beanies.  His was a tiger, complete with long hanging down thingies that you can put your hands in to keep ..

They look sooo girly.

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Overwhelmingly Low

Every now and then, and too often, for that matter, I am amazed at how low some of my students are.  I have two girls who almost always get all their homework wrong.  A’s homework is ALWAYS at least 90% incorrect, WITH HER PARENTS’ SIGNATURE.  So that means her parents either don’t care that she’s getting them wrong, or they don’t know.  Either is scary, but I’m not sure which is scarier.  Even her 2-digit by 2-digit subtraction was all wrong.  And I know she had to regroup in every one of the 8 problems, but you’d think (or at least, I would think) that her parents could at least use a calculator to check them.

And guess who didn’t return their note for conferences.

I get so frustrated.  Don’t these parents know their child’s future (and relative happiness) is at stake?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I used to think their parents want to help, and try to help, but can’t.  But now I think they just don’t want to.  They figure any education their kid gets is better than nothing.  And their life, their home, is chaos.  They probably feel overwhelmed.

But I’m sorry.  They need to do better, for their kids.  They need to do more, help more, give up more.  Their child needs them to.

I’ve got 4 students who are averaging at most 40% in spelling.  That’s not easy to do.  You have to spell a lot of fairly simple words incorrectly to average 40%.  Even if you didn’t study.

I’ve got 3 or 4 students who can’t add 2 numbers under 10 together without great difficulty.  I have a boy who can’t write a sentence with words all under 6 letters long without getting 95% of them spelled wrong.

It’s nuts, when you can’t get any help from home for these kids.  I was telling a teacher friend of mine that at least the parents want their kids to do better in life then they did.  But my friend didn’t think so.  She thinks they don’t want them to do better.

I end up thinking that the parents are just thinking of themselves.  They want what THEY want, and their kids’ education is up to their teacher, not them.  I think that is the truth.  Teaching their kid is my job, not theirs.

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