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Gold Rush

We’re getting ready for our “Gold Rush” day, so we’re doing a lot of singing in the morning.  The Gold Rush is a special day the fourth grade has every year at the end of the school year.  It starts off with a small play with songs scattered throughout.  After that we pair up and line up for some square dancing.  When that is over, the students get to go into our Gold Rush Town for some fun activities.

This year we’re having a barber (someone will put shaving cream on their faces and “shave” them with a Popsicle stick), a pastor (to marry couples or make “best friends forever”), potato sack races, horseshoes, a spelling bee, and a saloon (for root beer and playing cards), among other things. Oh, we’ll also have a costume contest.

It’s a pretty fun day.  We invite the parents and the third graders to watch the play and the square dancing.  I’d like to invite the second graders, too.

But there is a lot to do to get ready for it.  Today we went out with all the fourth grade classes to sing together with the music.  Wednesday we’ll practice the singing and the dancing.  I think the students are starting to like the dancing.  There are a few students, mostly boys, who are still a bit squeamish when they have to touch a girl’s hands or link elbows with a girl.  But for the most part I think most of them are over it.

The squeamish ones still pull their sleeves down so they don’t actually have to touch the girl’s skin.  It’s a little silly, and you can sure tell who the immature ones are.  But when someone in the morning asks if we’re dancing today, most of them seem happy when I inform them that we are.  And they’re getting pretty good at it, too.  They have difficulty singing in time with the music.  For now, they are still singing with the words and the music.  Later on they’ll be singing with only the music.  They really have difficulty with the timing.  Even with the words, they can’t seem to stay with the beat.

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