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Back from Christmas

It’s been a long Winter (Christmas) break, but a good one.  I’m having trouble remembering my classes’ names.  Plus I have my Oral Language and intervention groups, so name recollection is a bit difficult today.  And my throat is drying out quickly.  That happens every time I come back from a break.

We spent about an hour going over school rules today after lunch.  The fourth grade broke up into 6 groups for 6 different stations outside , (bathroom, lines, blacktop, lunch lines, and lunch tables) and the teachers reviewed proper behavior at each location.  A worthy thing to do, but it could have been done faster in the classroom by the teacher.

But I think I’m glad to be back.  It’s been a good break, and I think I’m ready to be here again.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’d love to have another 3 weeks off!

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a teacher?  Or, rather, how much I love having a teacher’s work schedule.  I love my vacation time.  It almost worries me.  Ever since Halloween, I’ve been living for the next school break.  And this Christmas break has been great!  I don’t miss my class at all.

I’ve got one more week of vacation.  I wonder when the next break will be?  Oh yes!  February is a great month!  Lots of 3 day weekends!  Wooo hooo!

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