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An Odd Child

I have a boy in my class who is a definate English Language Learner (ELL we call ’em).  So he’s got some language issues.  But he’s a pretty good reading, one of the highest in my class.  But I’ve noticed something lately.  When I talk with them he looks off another way.  And sometimes I see him do odd things/movements with his hand.  In short, he sometimes acts like a child with Autism.

Now for sure, I am no expert!  But I have had about 5 Autistic kids in my class, plus my wife’s nephew, so I do have some experience.  And I’m telling you, at times he seems to be a little on the spectrum, as they say.  Just weird hand movements, like it feels good to do it.  And his eyes looking away when he’s talking to me.

Just a little odd.

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