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Discipline Notes

Remember Billy and the discipline notice he got on Tuesday?  Well, Billy is supposed to get the notice signed by his parents and return it the next day.  But he didn’t.  Today he brings it in, but it’s signed. . . in pencil . . . with no capital letters.  Hmmmm, do I look stupid?  I think his mom’s name is even spelled wrong.  Billy, Billy, Billy.  Now I have to call mom, and not only tell her that Billy received a discipline not 2 days ago, but that he tried to forge his mother’s signature and turn it in.  Mom is not going to be happy.

I give Billy the choice; I can call mom right now in class and tell her, or he can.  I figure he would much rather have me tell mom, but he does the bigger thing and decides that he will tell her.  That takes guts!  It turns out mom wasn’t happy, and seemed very supportive when I got on the phone with her after her and Billy talked.  She assured me Billy would be punished at home for what he did.  It’s nice to know some students get real consequences at home for bad choices they make at school.  For a lot of students, missing a recess for bad behavior is something they have learned to live with and accept it as the price to pay.

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Billy is one of the 2 or three white kids I have in class.  Its doesn’t really matter, just letting you know.  He is also on medication.  Billy isn’t really his name, but we’ll call him Billy.  On Billy’s first day of school this year, his grandfather met me before I brought the class in and let me know that Billy is diagnosed ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).  Then Billy’s grandfather tells me that Billy is not on medication.  They ran out.  He won’t have medication for a couple weeks.  That was bad.

It turned out Billy could not learn without his medication.  Literally.  Billy was all over the place.  It would have almost been funny if it had not been so frustrating.  I have never seen anything like it.  Let’s just say it was a tough two weeks.

Once Billy got back on meds, he wasn’t too bad.  He was still a bit more difficult than the average student, but nothing like he was off his meds.  Every once in a while, Billy is off his meds for some reason or another.  He might as well not even come.  Seriously.

Billy came to school today on half his medication.  I’ll spare you the explanation.  But he let me know he only took one of the two pills he was supposed to be on.  Let me just say, it was obvious something was up with Billy.  His whole look was off.  I told the psychiatrist about it, and she said she could.  His whole disheveled look gave it away.

It was a tough day.  Before school started he had already choked a boy and earned a discipline notice.  Before recess, he had already gone to the bathroom and sprayed water all over another student and all over the floor.  So Bill gets to spend both recesses in the office for the rest of the week.

Bill spent some time out of my classroom today, because of his behavior.  At times, he just couldn’t focus enough to get work done.  So at that point I had him have a seat in another classroom.  Other tricks are to have him carry heavy things to other classrooms.  Apparently that helps him be more self-aware, physically.

It’s funny, because Billy knows exactly what’s going on.  He knows why he can’t focus today.  He is a very sharp boy.  But he is dependent on his medication.  School is a waist of time for him unless he is medicated.  It’s very sad.  Hopefully he can stay on his meds and be successful at school, and at home.  But you should see him off!

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