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Disobeying in the Classroom

Melanie tells me Imalda is doing her homework in class.  Imalda, who tends to throw little fits when she gets in trouble, gets mad at Melanie for telling me.  I ask Imalda to calm down, and to not do her homework until she gets home.  Five minutes later, I see Imalda finishing her homework (I’m sure she didn’t read the passage before answering those questions).  I tell Imalda I am disappointed that she disobeyed me, and ask her to turn a pin.  She throws another little fit.

Imalda has missed about half of the school days for the last 2 weeks or so.  She also seems a bit emotionally unstable.  I hear her dad was scaring the teacher last year at parent/teacher conferences.  Fortunately, only mom showed up this year.

Oh, Peter had about 3 lines from a pencil going up his forehead.  Made me kind of laugh.  I’m always amazed at his immaturity.  Like today when he finally took off to run his laps for PE.  His legs were flapping around like a 1st grader’s.  He told me his mom was probably going to marry Zuckerberg (the billionaire who founded Facebook).  He said his mom met him.

I’m not sure I’d like to marry in to Peter’s family.  It seems to be like a train wreck.

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