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Letter From a Mom

Okay, here’s my new rule.  Instead of changing the name of students I am talking about, I’m just going to refer to them by their first initial.  I keep forgetting who I’m talking about after a couple of months.

So, I got a letter from I’s mom.  It was attached to the back of her field trip permission slip.  It instructed me to keep a very close eye on I, as she is prone to seizures (not really).  Among other things, it told me that she is prone to seizures when she was bored, didn’t like the activity, or was frustrated.  Does that sound right to you?  Sounds more like temper tantrums to me (and to everyone else I shared the info with).  I put a copy of the letter in Nurse Beth’s box, and also talked to the school psyche as well.  She thinks the mom is a bit…shall I say… crazy?  Yes.

“I” has a very interesting reaction to female authority.  A few times, my assistant (Janelle) had to have her start over with an assignment, or turn a pin for behavior problem, and “I” has NOT reacted well.  Apparently, that was very common last year, with her female teacher.  She gets obstinate and stubborn.  I haven’t seen it, especially when I have to discipline her.  But when my assistant does, it pops up.

So she had a little hissy fit on Friday.  She wasn’t doing her math assignment the way I had instructed her, so Janelle had her erase and start over.  That did not set well with “I”.  And so the fit began.  Let’s just say there was a lot of grinding the pencil agrily against the paper, and stomping as she went to turn her pin.  I had to go over there and ask her to stop.  I gave her a time out in the SGI.  She had a bit of trouble snapping out of it, but by after lunch, she was just fine and dandy.

Janelle said it must have been a seizure.

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