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Another Rainy Day

For having 2 rainy days in a row, the students have been on pretty good behavior.  I wasn’t expecting rain today, and since it was Tuesday, I had to make a quick dash to Rubio’s to get lunch.  Kelly went with me, she drove, and we made pretty good time.  Jiji at the end of the day was nice.

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Gold Rush

Gold Rush went off without a hitch today.  Most of the kids had costumes.  There were lots of parents there to watch.  The play went great, the kids sang great (and only messed up the words a couple times).  The square dancing was great!  It’s amazing how much the kids enjoy the dancing!  Every year they fuss when they start, but by the time the Gold Rush comes, they are loving it and want to practice more than the teachers do.

The Gold Rush town was fun, too.  There was plenty of root beer, pie, and water.  The kids had a great time playing the different games.  I got to be the “preacher” at the chapel to perform the best friends ceremony.

We wrapped up a little early because the kids were getting a little out of hand.  After lunch we all watched “Bull-Whip Griffen.”

But the highlight was after the kids went home, when Amy, Kelly, and I had root beer floats and pie.  Gayle came in and joined us, and anyone coming in the lounge was invited as well.  We sat and enjoyed our feast and conversations.

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Root Beer, and. . .

Gold Rush is coming up in a couple of days.  Each fourth grade class is asking its students to bring something to eat or drink for the rest of the grade level.  My class is in charge of bringing root beer.  That’s easy, right?  2 two leter bottles each.  1 if that’s all you can do.  Well, after about a week of asking, I’ve had about 5 students bring some in.

Billy tells me that mom said they don’t have the money for it.  Hmmmm.  I have a hard time with this.  Am I wrong?  I explain to him that he and mom can go down to the dollar store or find it on sale somewhere and buy 1 bottle for a buck.  She can do that, I tell Billy.  Today Billy comes in and lets me know that while he and mom were shopping, he reminded her, and she let him know that they couldn’t afford it.

Is it me, or couldn’t she just not buy so many Twinkies (see below) for a week and spring for some root beer for Billy’s class?  Way to support school, mom!  Thanks.


A lunch supervisor came up to me the other day to let me know she had a look in billy’s lunch.  Among other things, she found a Ding-Dong and 2 Twinkies.  She asked Billy if he could just eat one and take the other 2 home.  Good call.

Billy had a talk with another fourth grade teacher.  We’ll call her “Kelly.”  Billy told Kelly that his mom is trying to help him gain weight, hence the 3 Hostess snack goodies.  Kelly tried to give him a quick lesson on nutrition, but I’m sure it went in one ear and out the other.  Kelly knows this.  You just have to try.

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