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Another New Student

The office called again.  Another new student was coming.  When she came in, the secretary kind of just let her in.  No introduction, no anything.  I went over and introduced myself, and asked her some questions about who she was.  (The girls in my class love when the new student is a girl, as do the boys love when the new student is a boy.)

We’ll call the new girl “Maria.”  Maria seemed alright, not as with it as the other new girls I’ve received in the last few weeks.  But it’s hard to tell.  She spoke English, so that’s a big, big plus.  I don’t think she speaks Spanish, but she said her parents spoke both English and Spanish, so she probably does speak some.  She’s sitting next to Daisy (Daisy is so great!) who makes friends with everyone.  So I think she’ll be okay.

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